Athens: 108 Park Ave · Athens, GA 30601 · 706.546.1333
Lavonia: 12605 Augusta Road · Lavonia, GA 30553 · 706.356.1333

What to expect

As you begin therapy :

  • Dress comfortably. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and gym shoes. Please do not wear open toe shoes. Empty your pockets of change, pocketknives, keys, or other bulky items before your appointment. Please empty your bladder before your appointment.
  • You might be sore. You will be using muscles that you have not used in a while and muscle soreness is expected. Most likely you will be more sore for the first 2-3 weeks of rehab than before you began our program. Please be aware that this is normal and should fade in the third to fourth week. Chronic pain is chronic pain - it took a long time to develop and it will take some time to return to normal. Please be patient. Be faithful to your rehab schedule to achieve the best possible results.
  • Don't be discouraged. Just show up and we'll help you. Communicate with your therapist during your exercise program regarding your success or difficulties with your problem area.
  • 'Keep the faith'. You can do it.

We want your rehab experience to be positive and healing. If you can supply the effort, we will provide the equipment and knowledge to help you take control of the health of your spine.

Regular follow up

Most insurance carriers require regular check-ups to continue rehab. You will be scheduled for a recheck with Dr. Doerr or Alice every four to six weeks. If you need to see him about a problem sooner than that, please ask to schedule an appointment so he can give your concerns proper attention.


If we are prescribing your medications, please give us 24 hours to call/prepare your prescription. Lost, stolen or damaged prescriptions cannot be replaced. Prescriptions are written by Dr. Doerr only when you are an active rehab patient. Further prescribing is done by your regular physician.

Insurance and billing

Please see Dona or Wendy for concerns regarding your insurance coverage or payments.