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spine neck painEvaluate, Diagnose, Educate, and Treat. We are committed that each patient receives:

  • A thorough spine evaluation
  • An understandable diagnosis
  • Education as to the causes, treatments and management of the condition
  • Treatment to restore spinal function, activity level and independence through the most scientifically-based treatment available.

Sometimes, the diagnosis is quite clear (such as a herniated disc) causing characteristic symptoms and a very clear path of treatment. Other times, if a diagnosis is obscure or due to multiple factors, it can be appropriate to “diagnose by treating” with safe and tested physical therapy methods based upon what provokes and what relieves the symptoms. With spinal conditions, the change in one’s symptoms while achieving therapy milestones helps greatly to determine the next step—both diagnostically and therapeutically. Because, if our treatment is not the solution to your problem, we believe it is our duty to help you find what is.