Athens: 108 Park Ave · Athens, GA 30601 · 706.546.1333
Lavonia: 12605 Augusta Road · Lavonia, GA 30553 · 706.356.1333

About Us

Physicians Back and Neck Clinic has built a reputation among our local neurosurgeons, orthopedists, neurologists and pain specialists as the place to send their difficult spine patients.  We are an ambulatory, self-contained clinic whose very existence is based upon the concept of maximizing patients’ physical potential and knowledge base in order to master their spine condition.

The diversity of our staff reflects our commitment to bring together the skills of several disciplines in treating complex spine problems.  Under one roof are physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, aides, massage therapists, nurse practitioner and physician, dedicated to the diagnosis, management and treatment of spinal conditions.  Because we are all “in-house”, we watch over our patients well.  Daily, we draw upon each other’s expertise in developing each patient’s therapy plan, can instantly modify treatment in light of X-rays or MRI studies or symptom flare-up, and we utilize a modern and diverse array of athletic and physical therapy equipment—all to better treat the patient.

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